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I have taught in Higher Education since 2005.  This includes teaching at Sheffield Hallam University (2009 – 2018) on the MA, MFA, and BA (Hons) Fine Art, and Creative Art practice courses, on the Art and Design Interdisciplinarity course, at Leeds College of Art (2005 – 2008), and as a visiting lecturer at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

I currently teach on the Integrated Foundation in Art & Design at Bath Spa University. I also teach at The Open College of the Arts in the Drawing Department, and on the Graphic Design BA. I recently designed and wrote the Dissertation Module for the Drawing Department.

I am interested in the very close and mutually beneficial relationship between practice, research, and pedagogy.  In my teaching, I aim to innovate and directly apply creative methods and thinking, so that students learn not just about practice, but learn through practice.  I have developed teaching projects that involve students as co-researchers in an open and discursive process.  In these projects, there is an openness and a sense of the unknown, a situation where student’s input actively shapes the discussion, direction, and output.  By situating students at the centre of the learning process, these teaching projects aim to foster peer support and student autonomy.


A key example of this is The Constellation Project, conceived to provoke 3rd year students to consider the identity of their individual practices, and explore how their final degree show exhibition could be curated to reflect the breadth of practices within the group. The project used visualisation methods, mapping, peer-to-peer interviews, and group discussion to build networks where students helped one another to understand who they are.  The project was described as ‘an exceptional element in the curriculum which the students felt was a “real” experience and crucial to their learning’ (external examiner's report).


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