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I am a visual artist making work to understand our rapidly shifting relationship to the material world. 


We live in a world where we are distanced from objects, materials and their associated manufacturing processes.  Responding to this context, I investigate how our knowledge of the material world is constructed, and what and how we understand.  It is both the processes through which knowledge is ‘made’, and the resulting ‘ideas’ of material that are of interest to me.


I believe that our distance from manufacture drastically affects our understanding, which becomes obscured and therefore fragmentary.  In this context, material can be abstract, mute, or obdurate, but also full of fantasy, narrative and ideas.


In trying to understand our relationship to the material world, I often de-centralise my own knowledge by working with found, pre-existing, archival material, and other people.  I employ material and visual making processes as methods of critical looking, analysis and interrogation.  I use the gallery space to isolate - unpick – examine, and ultimately re-stage how different types of information (found film, sound, images, artefacts) are ‘collaged’ together to form a coherent understanding of the material world.

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