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  A conference for The Glass Archive (2007)      

The Glass Archive (2005) is a collection of nearly one hundred novels brought together because the word ‘glass’ features in each of their titles.  For A Conference for The Glass Archive, five individuals including artists George Henry Longly,    Kate Allen and Chris Henry Clarke, freelance writer Anna Taylor and materials scientist Dr Mark Miodownik were invited to investigate and make personal responses to the content of the archive.

Taking place over four days, A Conference for the Glass Archive provided daily public access to The Glass Archive, daily one-hour readings (from four novels over four days) and culminated in the delivery of five presentations. The event was chaired by artist Dan Robinson.

A Conference for The Glass Archive was commissioned by the Site Gallery in Sheffield as part of its 2007 Site Platform, which provided 'a space for artists to develop new work in the gallery setting whilst also allowing audiences to engage with the process'.

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