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  • Jerome Harrington
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  • Jerome Harrington

Michael Pennie Gallery, Locksbrook Campus, Bath Spa University.

5 to 14 July, 10am to 4 pm (closed Sunday 9).

An exhibition of things that we have noticed (both outwardly and inwardly) while cycling to work at Locksbrook over a period of a year; things that might be overlooked if travelling by car.

Journeys, as liminal spaces, may be the only reflective times in a busy day. The area surrounding the Locksbrook Campus has a rich and mixed history, future, and sense of place. We cycle in from many places and have many different stories to tell.


Clare Day

Jane Randfield

John Taylor

Jonathan Kelham Vilas Silverton Reuben Harrington, Julia Keyte, Jerome Harrington (collaboration) Lydia Halcrow Ian Parkes Kellie Hindmarch Matt Downing Matt Robertson

Reuben, aged 8, has cycled to school every day for the last two years. It is a journey of 2 miles each way. Reuben is noticing constantly and we leave early to make plenty of time for it. Cycling through the car park, he got very interested in some wedges under a caravan's wheels and we tried to ask the owners about it, who didn't speak English. He loves to pick the autumn berries he notices when entering the park, and squashing them under his bike wheels to test their different properties.

These photographs, a collaboration of sorts, give a glimpse of Reuben's 'noticing', they say something about a different speed of travelling which gives time for curiosity and exchange.

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  • Jerome Harrington

doing together is a two-day making and sharing practice symposium at Locksbrook campus on the 3rd and 4th April with a launch event taking place on the Friday before. This event will take the form of doing together through practical workshops that share the work we make/do as practitioners.

The aim is to foreground the methods we use for doing, and share them with others. Throughout the two days there will be space available for people to work alongside each other and share and display work. The symposium will culminate in a reflective discussion on the event that evolved.

doing together is proposed as a generous space to make/do/share and discuss practice with others from across the university. We will test out ways of doing work together, making our practice-based research explicit through the form of the presentation/workshop/activity itself, rather than simply through the way we describe it.

3rd - 4th April 2023

Along with two colleagues (Karen Richmond & Ashley Peevnor) from the Integrated Foundation at Bath Spa University we ran an inflatable workshop which invited participants to collaborate in the creation of large-scale, temporary inflatable spaces. Working from an idea to fully realised and inflated spaces, the workshop aimed to create an inflatable structure that inhabited the building, offering a temporary space for new dialogue, conversations and functions.

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