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  • Jerome Harrington

The Politics of Pace

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

28 June 2017

Conference workshop in: The Politics of Place, Sheffield Hallam Space & Place Group

Participants will be provided with a range of images of spaces (for example shop interiors, domestic spaces, train stations, meat packing factories), and will be asked to use these images to ‘look’ at our university / educational spaces. The activity of ‘looking’ involves participants exploring the surrounding rooms and buildings to make hybrid images on their smart phones that superimpose the supplied images onto the ‘real’ educational spaces. We are particularly interested in the ways educational spaces might suggest other forms of spaces. Participants will reconvene to load their photographs onto a laptop; images will be projected for an informal 'art crit’ where we will jointly read the politics of these hybrid spaces.

Studio inside, Studio outside is a research project developed by James Corazzo (Graphic Design), Dr. Becky Shaw (Reader Fine Art) and Dr. Jerome Harrington (Fine Art) at Sheffield Hallam University.

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