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  • Jerome Harrington

The glass-maker [without glass]

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

6 September 2015 Conference presentation in: Extreme Glass: a focus on process and material. Northlands Creative Glass, Lybster, Scotland

My presentation responds to / and explores one of the question posed by this conference: “how far is it possible to push the idea of ‘the glass-maker?” By presenting recent work (both from my current PhD, and my wider practice) I want to explore the ‘edges’ of glass practice and investigate an expanded conception of ‘the glass maker’ - The glass-maker (without glass). I use this title because although glass and glass making are a core part of my investigation – none of the work I show involves me actually making glass. Instead the work I will show includes producing an archive – writing – drawing - animation – film, and using teaching projects as a method to produce work. I want this presentation to function as a provocation for glass as an area activity which is material specific / material centric – what does it mean to think about glass but not use it?

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