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  • Jerome Harrington

Gravity, Sheffield Hallam University

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

23rd November 2017 (4 - 6PM)

I am presenting at this years Gravity Lecture series at Sheffield Hallam University. My talk is titled Material as idea / Material as splinter

The Gravity lecture series press release:

'In the 2017/18 academic year the Gravity project will turn its attention and focus on the theme of Material. We will consider the importance artists have given to the use materials, the familiar the strange and the unexpected.

Art and artists have a long heritage of using and manipulating materials. We have witnessed marble being transformed into sinuous life-like sculptures and coloured pigments into pictures displaying illusionary depth. The importance placed on materials and there understanding and use formed the basis of Walter Gropius’s 1922 curriculum for the legendary Bauhaus in Weimar. Materials seems to have pervaded art school teaching but may be seen to have lost ground lately to ideas concepts and different approaches that favour relations over materials.'

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