23rd November 2017 (4 - 6PM)

I am presenting at this years Gravity Lecture series at Sheffield Hallam University:

'In the 2017/18 academic year the Gravity project will turn its attention and focus on the theme of Material. We will consider the importance artists have given to the use materials, the familiar the strange and the unexpected.

Art and artists have a long heritage of using and manipulating materials. We have witnessed marble being transformed into sinuous life-like sculptures and coloured pigments into pictures displaying illusionary depth. The importance placed on materials and there understanding and use formed the basis of Walter Gropius’s 1922 curriculum for the legendary Bauhaus in Weimar. Materials seems to have pervaded art school teaching but may be seen to have lost ground lately to ideas concepts and different approaches that favour relations over materials.'

Studio inside, Studio outside


Thursday 6th July 2017

Conference presentation in: Elasticity, European League of Institutes of the Arts Academy Conference, Central Saint Martins, London

Studio Inside and Outside is a practice-led investigation of the disciplinary histories, appearances and practices of two educational studio sites: graphic design and fine art. It will explore the material and social qualities of both sites and ask: how the different modalities of use impact on teaching, learning and practice?

Studio inside, Studio outside is a research project developed by James Corazzo (Graphic Design), Dr. Becky Shaw (Reader Fine Art) and Dr. Jerome Harrington (Fine Art) at Sheffield Hallam University.

The Politics of Place


28 June 2017

Conference workshop in: The Politics of Place, Sheffield Hallam Space & Place Group

Participants will be provided with a range of images of spaces (for example shop interiors, domestic spaces, train stations, meat packing factories), and will be asked to use these images to ‘look’ at our university / educational spaces. The activity of ‘looking’ involves participants exploring the surrounding rooms and buildings to make hybrid images on their smart phones that superimpose the supplied images onto the ‘real’ educational spaces. We are particularly interested in the ways educational spaces might suggest other forms of spaces. Participants will reconvene to load their photographs onto a laptop; images will be projected for an informal 'art crit’ where we will jointly read the politics of these hybrid spaces.

Studio inside, Studio outside is a research project developed by James Corazzo (Graphic Design), Dr. Becky Shaw (Reader Fine Art) and Dr. Jerome Harrington (Fine Art) at Sheffield Hallam University.

Practice based PhD

February 2016

Practice based PhD - COMPLETED!

Process made visible: in and outside the object

The social and theoretical context for my research is the well- documented sense of estrangement from manufacture processes of the materials and objects that surround us (described by a range of thinkers: Karl Marx, James Heartfield, Matthew Crawford, or the artist Robert Morris).

At the centre of the study is ‘The Archive of Manufacture’, an ‘archival artwork’ (Hal Foster) especially collated for the research. The Archive responds to the question – how do we know how something is made - and gathers together ‘points of visibility’ - secondary sources where process is made visible, from industry, craft, popular culture, and press coverage.

Methods of art practice were employed as critical forms of looking to explore specific examples from The Archive. In particular, close reading as a ‘meticulous visual analysis’ (Shepard Steiner), was developed to incorporate the written form of ekphrasis, and interrogative material and visual making processes.

Through the production of a body of artworks, I explored the misunderstandings and mythologising of making process that can form through misreading visual and material evidence, thereby describing a major effect of our distanced relationship with manufacture as described by Marx etc.



28 March - 4 October 2015

Clarity, National Glass Centre, Sunderland

An Exploration of work in glass by six British artists:  Matt Durran, Jerome Harrington, Helen Maurer, Richard Wheater, Emma Woffenden, Jeff Zimmer

The glassmaker [without glass]


6 September 2015

Conference presentation in: Extreme Glass: a focus on process and material. Northlands Creative Glass, Lybster, Scotland

My presentation responds to / and explores one of the question posed by this conference: “how far is it possible to push the idea of ‘the glassmaker?”

By presenting recent work (both from my current PhD, and my wider practice) I want to explore the ‘edges’ of glass practice and investigate an expanded conception of ‘the glassmaker’ - The glassmaker (without glass).

I use this title because although glass and glass making are a core part of my investigation – none of the work I show involves me actually making glass. Instead the work I will show includes producing an archive – writing – drawing - animation – film, and using teaching projects as a method to produce work.

I want this presentation to function as a provocation for glass as an area activity which is material specific / material centric – what does it mean to think about glass but not use it?

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