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The Constellation Project      

The Constellation Project was originally developed for Level 6 Creative Art Practice at Sheffield Hallam University to empower and enable students on this relatively new and broad based course to define and confidently assert the identity of their practices.

The project aimed to provoke students to consider: the identity of their individual practices, the relationship they have with other members within their year group, and how their final exhibition can be curated to reflect the breadth of practices within the group.

At the centre of the project the students work collectively to plot the position of their own work and that of their peers on a large collaged ‘map’. This process reveals the diversity of interests and working methods in the year group, and highlights connections and shared interests, subsequently helping students form clusters of related research interests.

The Constellation Project aimed to explore questions of identity and context through visual and material means: diagrams – models – drawing - peer to peer interviews. Instead of a focus on individual working, the project takes place through a series of discursive workshops where students form their understanding of their practice in relation to the presentations and comments of their peers

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