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My practice examines what and how objects mean.  It draws upon conceptual and theoretical discourses regarding objects and materiality, but is equally, deeply informed by my background and knowledge as a maker.

A decade of experience as a glass blower has given me an intimate understanding of this material and its making processes.  However, rather than focus on what I can make with glass, I have become increasingly curious about the ways in which our perception and understanding of this material form.

Driven by the questions: what do we know and how do we know? – my practice attempts to expose a cultural perception of glass.  By working with ‘found material’ (existing evidence where glass is described or depicted), I de-centralise my own understanding and examine how glass is perceived by others.  This found material (including books, films, existing objects and anecdotes), reveals the paradox of glass: its apparent transparency suggests clarity and visibility, and yet it is this very transparency in which contradictory ideas of material (myth and misunderstanding) ‘hide’ in plain sight.

These explorations are manifest through a wide range of outputs including the production of new objects, short films and critical writing.  In recent exhibitions, installation is used to present a number of artworks which overlay or partially connect to one another.  Within this space one understanding is not prioritised over another, but rather the viewer is placed in a rich founding space where divergent understandings can be constructed through the interplay of the separate artworks.  

© Jerome Harrington 2012