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                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Plasticine Diderot (2012)

Jerome Harrington is an artist based at S1Artspace in Sheffield.  His background in craft, material and making, forms the foundation for an increasingly expansive exploration of the object and its materiality. 

Recent work explores the inter-relation between objects and ideas, examining how meanings and values become interwoven and to what affect.  The work has a particular focus on the subjective understanding, and often examines found material such as books, video and existing objects, as a method of exposing the systems by which this understanding is constructed.  

These explorations are manifest through a wide range of outputs including the production of new objects, short films, critical writing and projects which involve complex collaborative dialogues and curatorial roles, which aim to incorporate the voices and working practices of other practitioners.

© Jerome Harrington 2012